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The Trust wants to record your memories as aircrew and to make sure that key archive material is carefully preserved and available for research and display.

Please think carefully before discarding any aircrew memorabilia and consider offering it to the Trust instead.

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by Air Commodore Jack Broughton OBE DL, Chairman of the Trustees

18 November 2012

The A3T Trustees met for their AGM at the Yorkshire Air Museum on the 26th September 2012. Other than the AGM business the principal reason for visiting the YAM was to observe at close hand the progress on the ACA Building which will store the ACA Archive material collected over the 12 years since the Archive was formed.

I’m delighted to say that the Trustees were delighted with the nearly completed building achieved some 3 months ahead of schedule. When the building, which can be viewed on this website, is handed over it will have been fully financed by the A3T to the tune of £100,000. The next stage is to fit out the building to house the archive material and afford access to members of the public and future scholars. Fitting out will take place during the early part of 2013 and again this will be funded by the A3T to ensure the building fully meets our requirements. By the time the commissioning ceremony is taking place the A3T will have devoted most of its funding to the project which it believes will be a most worthwhile and living memorial to the 33 years existence of The AirCrew Association.

With the dissolution of the ACA last December the flow of archival material to the Archivist has been significantly reduced however those of you with aircrew artefacts might consider donating them to the archive for future generations to examine and study. Similarly donations to the A3T have been reduced however I’m delighted to relate that a number of Branches have made significant donations on their demise and some members have asked that donations be made to the A3T instead of funeral flowers. Any donations will gratefully be received and thanks is extended to the “Spurrell Trust” that for a number of years has financially supported us.

Turning back to the YAM, the ACA Building will have a suitable attribution in the shape of an ACA Crest above the front door and with an ACA Flag flying immediately outside the building. It is hoped to arrange a commissioning ceremony sometime in the late spring/early summer 2013 which will be overseen by the newly welcomed A3T Chaplain Emeritus, the Reverend Bill Pegg well known to you all. We hope as many former ACA members will join in this opening ceremony and more details will be forthcoming in the new year.