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The Aircrew Association Archive Trust dissolved as a charity on 30 June 2020.

Nevertheless, the ACA Archive at the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington will endure and continues to welcome contributions.

The Archive exists to record memories and memorabilia of military aircrew and to make sure that key material is carefully preserved and available for research and display.

Please think carefully before discarding any relevant material and consider offering it to the Trust.

See the Trust page for details of how to make contact with the ACA Archivist, who will be delighted to assist.

Biggin Hill Memorial Museum

Foreword to Report on the Newly-Opened Biggin Hill Memorial Museum

Way back in 1997 as Chairman of The AirCrew Association I presented a stained glass window depicting the ACA Logo to St Georges Chapel RAF Biggin Hill.

The window was made by Eric Small who was a friend of Fred McMillan  the then Registrar of the Association.

About 5 years ago the local Bromley Council took custodianship of the chapel with plans to develop a museum to recognise the importance of RAF Biggin Hill in the WWII era.

At that stage the ACA Archive Trustees (A3T) voiced their interest in the future location of the ACA window and this concern was echoed by a local group of Museum Friends and other ginger groups.

As with most developments of this nature not every group was satisfied with progress and the eventual outcome.

Nevertheless the BHMM opened to national acclaim last week and the event was widely featured in the national press and a visit by Bob Hind's representing the A3T confirmed the ACA window sits proudly in a prominent position

For all to see and enjoy. The A3T Trustees are delighted to endorse Bob Hind's report with thanks.

Jack Broughton
Chairman Aircrew Association Archive Trust
7th February 2019

Report by former National Secretary to the ACA

Just returned from my exploratory visit to the BHMM. My overall impression is that the site has been converted from its original state with respect, consideration and imagination. The new building is - modern, but what can one expect, this is 2019.

The Museum is well-prepared and contains a good selection  of relevant and interesting exhibits. The Chapel remains as it was, unchanged except for the ACA window which has been installed I a position of prominence where it will probably be seen by more people than it ever did outside. The surrounding areas of the Museum, garden of remembrance, car parks etc are well-maintained and pleasing in appearance. The overall picture is of a project well-managed and pleasing in all aspects.

I really cannot see anything to complain about. As far as the ACA window is concerned, we have nothing to complain about at all.

My opinion, for what it is worth, is that everything has been done as we were told it would be, and it is now time to draw a line under this project and get back to doing what we wish to do.

Bob Hinds
5 February 2019

Chapel exterior
Chapel Interior
ACA Window