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The Trust wants to record your memories as aircrew and to make sure that key archive material is carefully preserved and available for research and display.

Please think carefully before discarding any aircrew memorabilia and consider offering it to the Trust instead.

See the Trust page for details.


The Charitable Fund aims to provide speedy 'first aid' financial assistance, if required, to those who would qualify as full members of the ACA or their dependants. See HERE for details.

ACA Forum Guide

The ACA Forum provides a means for Branches to publish news and events to replace the previous regular branch contributions to Intercom. Hopefully this facility will help to maintain the spirit of comradeship between the independent branches that continue after the disbandment of the central ACA organisation in 2011.

Access is via the Aircrew Forum menu item on the left.

What is the Forum ?

A bulletin board is an on-line database of messages which is accessible to viewers through a web interface. Registered members of the bulletin board can post messages and the moderator (in this case the webmaster) has facilities to manage the system and deal with any issues that arise.

The ACA bulletin board (known colloquially as the ACA Forum) contains a number of individual forums within which registered users can post new messages (=start a new topic) or reply to existing threads.

One of the individual forums is designed to allow ACA Branches to communicate their activities as a successor to what was previously published at regular intervals in Intercom magazine, but now with complete flexibility on publishing schedules. However, it would clearly be useful to maintain a regular flow of new information to avoid news going stale.

Please try to keep to the subject of the particular forum or topic and only contribute thoughts relevant to the current subject. New subjects should please be aired as new topics in the appropriate forum so that topic headings remain relevant throughout.

Browse as a guest to get the idea before registering.


To make contributions, users need to register.

Click on the Register User item on the top menu bar of the forum to start the process.

The first question requests a date of birth. This is a simple test to filter those seeking to join. If you enter a year below the minimum age, it becomes much harder to join.

Once an acceptable DofB has been entered, a new screen requests some simple personal details, which must be verified by typing in the 6 characters of the Captcha image text at the bottom of the list. BE SURE TO TICK THE 'I Agree' BOX at the top before submitting your details. (The Captcha system reduces the risk of automated attacks on the forum.)

Once this stage is complete, you become a registered member and are able to contribute to the various existing topics or to start your own.

Branch Entries

If your branch has already started a topic with the ACA Branches forum, please keep all branch-related posts within that thread so that there is only one topic per branch.

If your branch has yet to start its own topic, click on New Topic at the top to create one and give it a meaningful title along the lines of those already established.

Subsequent entries within your branch topic can be added by typing in, or pasting text into, the Quick Reply box.

Individual Items

Registered individuals are welcome to contribute to the forums as they see fit, within sensible constraints on content and style.

Inappropriate Postings

If you come across any inappropriate postings in the forums, please notify the webmaster.


If you have any queries or suggestions about the forums, or if you wish to have your messages removed or moved, please contact the webmaster by email.