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Royal British Legion


Coach Tour 17-20 AUGUST 2012

The Dieppe Raid on the coast of France 70 years ago is hugely worthy of Remembrance and we are delighted to tell you that our special tour over the anniversary will be going ahead with a full support team of an expert ex Royal Marine guide, ex military doctor, standard bearer and Trustee from the Royal British Legion. Visits to the cemeteries as requested and the service of remembrance form a major part of this tour.
 Dieppe was a tri service raid and the largest operation of its kind up to that point in the war. Churchill approved the Dieppe Raid which would:
' be a reconnaissance in force'
'test enemy defences on a strongly held sector of French coast'
'discover what resistance would have to be met seize a port
Dieppe was one of the most important allied raids on the coast of the war and one of the saddest and part of our tour is devoted to remembering those who fell and who are buried in the nearby cemeteries. Although costly in human lives especially for the Canadians, many useful lessons were learnt and our tour over the 70th anniversary looks at the successes and the set-backs. Dieppe led to the creation of Hobart's Funnies; a variety of attachments to tanks that would contribute to the Normandy invasion. Those taking part included destroyers with their 4'' guns, RAF spitfire squadron, 3rd and 4th Royal Marine Commandos, Royal Regiment of Canada, Essex Scottish Regiment, Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, South Saskatuan Regiment, Queens Own Cameron Highlanders.
The beach was a massive length of 1500 metres bordered by features nicknamed Hindenburg and Bismarck. 24 ships loaded their new Churchill tanks, 60 fighter squadrons stood by; thousands of men embarked on their craft. The landings would take place in the early hours but unexpected meeting between 5 armed German trawlers and elements of 3 Commando led to a massive fire fight and robbed most of the allied force of the benefit of surprise. The lack of intelligence coming from the beach, the problems tanks had in gripping to shingle beaches and the well concealed German guns contribute to the disaster hat was Dieppe.
The Royal British Legion tour in conjunction with Leger Holidays, travelling in a deluxe silver service coach will take you to the beaches and viewpoints where the conduct of the battle will be explained. There was enormous heroism: 'war brings out the best and the worst in men; in respect of Dieppe it brought tout the best' One of the visits includes Hess Battery where Captain Pat Porteous won his Victoria Cross .
The base for the 3 night tour is the comfortable Ibis Hotel with en suite rooms. There are three dinners and three breakfasts included. The tour also allows you to visit the cemetery of your choice and please indicate on the booking form, a copy of which is enclosed along with other essential information.
Dieppe is often remembered for its failings; it should also be remembered for the gallantry and for its contribution to the outcome of the war. The men who fell did not die in vain. The Royal Navy lost 550 men, 4,384 soldiers and Commandos were killed, wounded, missing or taken POW; the RAF lost 106 planes.
We hope that you will find these details of interest and that we will have the pleasure of your company on this special anniversary occasion.

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