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The Trust wants to record your memories as aircrew and to make sure that key archive material is carefully preserved and available for research and display.

Please think carefully before discarding any aircrew memorabilia and consider offering it to the Trust instead.

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The Charitable Fund aims to provide speedy 'first aid' financial assistance, if required, to those who would qualify as full members of the ACA or their dependants. See HERE for details.

8 December 2011

Farewell Message
from the ACA Chairman

Air Cdre Des Richard CBE MRAeS

Dear Branches,

As we near the end of the year when we close as an International/National Organisation, I would like to mention a few items.

Firstly, it is pleasing to know that a significant number of branches intend to continue as individual entities; in fact some have already gone ahead with their arrangements. The Council and I wish your associations well and hope you will keep us all informed by maximising use of the Website, now run by David Jackson of the Woking Branch under the auspices of the ACA Archive Trust. It will be the sole means of keeping everybody informed of activities.  Additionally, apart from contributions by all, the site provides a list of individual “ACAs”. Perhaps you can ensure the list is kept up to date and also, on a sadder note, add to the In Memoriam List as a record of our comrades that have moved on. Apart from handing over the website to the Archive Trust, also being transferred to them is the data base and other membership records plus any significant papers of historical value.

At the end of the year, we will close our Accounts and after audit, and as agreed by unanimous vote at our last AGM/EGM, we will distribute our monies to the Archive Trust and the Charitable Fund in the ratio of 70%/30%. The final total is likely to be just less than £100,000. Once the Accounts are signed off, we will ensure members are informed via the website.

In advance of the allocation, because the Charitable Fund has recognised it has more than sufficient funds to cover the future, its Trustees have transferred some money to the Archive Trust who need sufficient funds to support their plans and this will be offset by the money the Charitable Fund will receive by the closure of the ACA. As described on page 51 of the final issue of Intercom, remaining money in the Charitable Fund will be managed from next year by SSAFA Forces Help with our monies ring fenced for its intended use for service aircrew and dependants.

Meanwhile the Archive Trust is going ahead with the construction at the Yorkshire Air Museum of a new building, suitably named, to house aircrew archival material and ensure its availability to future generations.

Finally, the President and Council consider it an honour to have been involved in the running of the Association and, with sadness but realism, we close with dignity, exemplified by our fine Service at St Clement Danes in May where our National Standard remains as a symbol of our comradeship.

My sincere thanks to the Council, Honorary Chaplain and Advisers, and also to all Committees and Regional Secretaries for their hard work and support to ensure we as members have enjoyed such great comradeship over the years.

My best wishes to you all.