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The Charitable Fund aims to provide speedy 'first aid' financial assistance, if required, to those who would qualify as full members of the ACA or their dependants. See HERE for details.

Aircrew Association Archive Trust

Registered Charity Number 1087354

24 July 2013

Report on the Grand Opening at YAM is here>>.


6 July 2013

RAF Linton-on-Ouse will provide a 4-ship flypast at YAM at 12:35 in support of the ACA Grand Opening on 24 July.


29 June 2013

Programme for 24 July 2013 at Yorkshire Air Museum is HERE and details of transport from York Station are here>>.


12 June 2013

More details for the final ACA event at Yorkshire Air Museum on 24 July are HERE.


25 Mar 2013

Invitation to attend the Grand Opening of the new ACA Building at YAM is HERE.


18 November 2012

Report on the A3T AGM and the A3T building project at YAM is HERE.


26 July 2012

Update on progress with the A3T building project at Yorkshire Air Museum is HERE.


22 February 2012

Update on the Trust by the Chairman is HERE.


18 October 2011

Update on Trust activities by the Archivist
is HERE.


4 September 2011
Message from the
Chairman of the Trustees


Don't let vital aviation history be lost by default by being put in the dustbin or refuse skip or sold to private collectors. The Trust wants to record your memories as aircrew and to make sure that key archive material is preserved and available for research and display.

If you are a veteran member of the aircrew fraternity - especially from World War Two - and would like to tell your story, or if you have memorabilia that you'd like to be kept for posterity, then contact the Aircrew Association Archive Trust now.

The Aircrew Association Archive Trust became a Registered Charity on 4 July 2001. The Trust grew out of the wish of the Aircrew Association (ACA) to record for future generations and historians the unique experiences of aircrew. Its formal objective is: "The advancement of public education by the establishment and preservation of a dedicated archive of material from members of aircrew drawn from the military services of the western allies which are of special historical interest."

Air Commodore Graham Pitchfork MBE, BA, FRAeS, RAF (Retd) was appointed the first Honorary Archivist of the Aircrew Association in 1998.

The ACA Archive Trust was formed to safeguard the ACA Archive and to ensure that it would be available both to the general public and to historians for research purposes.

Keeping History Alive

The Trustees have arranged that artefacts, records and documents comprising the ACA Archive collection will be located in perpetuity to the Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington to ensure that they are given the full protection afforded by the nationally registered museum for permanent conservation for the nation. The Museum now provides a specific display for the Aircrew Association Archive Collection and the Trustees are working with the Museum Director to develop plans for an expanded display of aircrew artefacts and storage of more archive material.


At the ACA Archive Trust Annual General Meeting held at the Yorkshire Air Museum on the 21st September 2011 changes were proposed to the list of Trustees and these have now been instituted. In addition, after many years of valuable service, the A3T Treasurer John Waring of Upton upon Severn, Worcester has decided to call it a day and has resigned.

The Charity Commissioners have been advised of the changes, but the CC website is taking time to catch up with these changes. For information the following is a correct list as at 15 October 2018:

Chairman Air Commodore Jack Broughton OBE DL
Vice Chairman Colonel John Goodsir CBE
Archivist Air Commodore Graham Pitchfork MBE BA FRAeS
Treasurer Vacant (covered by Chairman)
Secretary Flight Lieutenant Raymond Flack

Correspondence for the Archive Trust should be sent to the Chairman at:

14 Bedford Mews
NR26 8HD

The Trustees will be pleased to accept donations of material such as log books, medals, photos, letters, scrapbook items and ephemera. We also need financial contributions towards the running of the Trust and to further our aims of preserving the history of that unique body of men and women who are or were aircrew.

Chaplain Emeritus

The ACA honorary chaplain,  Bill Pegg, has been offered and has graciously accepted the appointment  of Chaplain Emeritus to the ACA Archive Trust with effect from October 2012.

Bill has worked tirelessly for the Aircrew Association and is to be congratulated on receiving this appointment and accolade for his hard work, dedication and devotion.

Donation of Memorabilia

Anyone having items they wish to donate to this archive should contact:

Honorary Archivist
Air Cdre Graham Pitchfork
Puckpit Lane
Glos GL54 5JQ

Tel: 01242 604196

Items may, however, be delivered direct to:

Yorkshire Air Museum
(Attention of Air Cdre G R Pitchfork, ACA Archive Trust)

Financial Donations and Legacies


The Aircrew Association provided an initial grant to enable the ACA Archive Trust to collect, collate and catalogue all the valuable and unique items received to date and to integrate with the Yorkshire Air Museum displays.

If, however, we are to care for the expected flow of memorabilia to the ACA Archive Trust, additional moneys will be required and this is where YOU can help.

There are two principal ways in which financial gifts can be made:


You can make a financial donation directly to the Trust.

Loved ones can be remembered in the future too. Instead of giving flowers at a funeral, you can opt to make a donation in their memory and thus contribute to the funds required to administer the Aircrew Association Archive Trust.

If you are a Tax Payer, you can make a Gift Aid donation and the ACA Archive Trust will be able to recover the tax paid.

Please complete the Donation and Gift Aid form

If you are not a Tax Payer, then please still complete the form but strike out the tax declaration.

PLEASE REMEMBER that if you pay tax and sign this form, you will allow the ACA Archive Trust to reclaim tax without you having to do anything else, for as long as you pay tax.


A Legacy enables us to specify in our wills a sum of money or a gift to be given to an individual or an association and is an important source of revenue for Charities such as the ACA Archive Trust.

If you would like to set up a Legacy in favour of the ACA Archive Trust, then please have your solicitor make the necessary amendments to your will.